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All You Need To Know About The Symptoms Of Gastrointestinal Candida

You may find it surprising to hear this, but there are many people out there who are suffering from Candida, a very common type of yeast infection that can be very uncomfortable for both men and women. While the infection is more prevalent in women, men are also affected by it in large numbers. The thing is that Candida may not only appear in the mouth and on various parts of the body, but also in your stomach. When that happens, you need to start treating it as soon as possible.

Take Candida supplements

If you want to make sure that your Candida is going to be treated as effectively and as fast as possible, then you may want to consider taking some Candida supplements like those at These are high quality supplements that are made in the USA and not only do they contain probiotics as to not upset the flora in your gut, but also come with a money back guarantee and are strengthened with caprylic acid and oregano. Most people say that just 1 or 2 weeks after they take these supplements they are able to get rid of their Candida.

Digestive problems

There are numerous ways that stomach Candida is going to manifest itself and in the majority of cases, it can be pretty uncomfortable to deal with. For instance, you'll get symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, but also abdominal pain, but there are also people who accuse lactose intolerance to be one of the main symptoms of this type of infection.

Feeling fatigued

If you feel tired all the time and you have no idea why, because you sleep for at least eight hours a night and have a healthy diet, then you may want to schedule an appointment with your GP. That's because you may have stomach Candida. Also, another sign of stomach Candida is the fact that your muscles are going to feel weakened all day and there's also a good chance that you're going to experience pain in you joints and bones.

Itchy and dry skin

If you have skin problems, then that certainly means that there is something wrong with your system and the development of psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin diseases may point to the fact that you have stomach Candida. Rectal itching seems to be one of the most common symptoms people are going to complain about, so if you have it, then you may want to see your doctor as soon as possible.